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3 Exciting Activities To Do In Miami Florida

For years, our company has thrived in Miami, Florida because of our amazing clientele. Now, we want to give back and share our travel tips for those who decide to visit, or those who are looking for a thrilling adventure.

Our experiences in this beautiful city has been nothing short of awesome, and it’s because we were in business so long serving all of you fun-crazed customers! This list will be the only thing you ever need for an exciting time here in Miami, regardless of what you read. It’s gathered from all the stories of people who grew up here and those who vacation on a regular basis.

The Top 3 Exciting Activities in Miami When Vacationing

Alright, so here we are at the top three things to do for pretty much anyone who is looking to have a great time. Whether you’re bringing the entire family down or coming by yourself, you will find this list useful in some way or another. Let’s dive right into it!

#1: Rent a Yacht for The Day

This may come as no surprise as we are probably the nations number one yacht rental and charter destination. You could call us the yacht rental capital of the world, we certainly believe so. But, renting a yacht for the day can be thrilling.

  • Here are the perks:
  • You get your own captain and crew
  • Choose where you go locally
  • See the beautiful city from different views
  • Most companies offer free soft drinks
  • Bring alcoholic beverages to spice up your time
  • Have a total of 12 people on board

That’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of renting a yacht down here in Miami, Florida. We interviewed 37 of our old customers we used to serve at Employees Only Miami, and they all had one similar answer in common.

Renting a yacht for the day in Miami is hands down, without question the most relaxing thing to do in this city. They all said the same thing. All 37 of them! How about them apples?

#2: Miami Seaquarium

Seriously, get ready for the ride of your life at the Miami Seaquarium. First off, just google it and you will see almost 10k reviews.

Have you ever seen a Walrus up close and personal? You will now, if you make one of the best decisions in your life and decide to book a ticket to this place. You can also have personal interactoins with the dolphins, if you buy a separate ticket for that. There is an endless amount to see here and it can literally take up your whole day, unless you aren’t awe-struck by sea creatures.

#3: Sporting Events

I had to sum this one up because there are plenty of professional and collegiate sports around here that you won’t be able to experience anywhere else.

  • Miami Dolphins
  • Miami Heat
  • Miami Marlins
  • Florida Panthers
  • The U

Listen, these are the best teams in the world. Regardless of the season you visit, there will be something here to attend and go watch. Here’s the deal, sports are a big deal down here in Miami and you absolutely want to experience that before you head back home, so don’t regret not buying a ticket.

Closing Remarks

There you have it, our favorite three things to do in Miami. This list works for almost anyone. As always, there are nightlife options when you packed your day full of fun and maybe we’ll do another article on the best nightlife spots.

Just to recap:

Go book yourself a Yacht rental for a once in a lifetime experience.

Buy yourself a ticket for the Miami Seaquarium to swim with the dolphins.

Take your family to a ball game so you can tell your friends you witnessed the game winning shot.

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